I think this is my first photograph for #MarchSquare from the beautiful town of Tavira. I wonder if Jo recognises it? I don’t think it is far from her place.

Tavira Circle

I am going to miss #MarchSquares when it comes to an end, but at least I have #PastmeetsPresent to look forward to on the 1st, and it won’t be long (June) before the next square challenge!! For now though I thought you might find it fun to join me as I take another look at some of the fabulous entries over the past couple of weeks. 

It had been really difficult to know where to begin as not only are there are now over 30 of us but the beauty and brilliance of many of the entries has been incredible.

Having started it is now difficult to know where to stop, but perhaps I should stop here with just a tiny selection of what has been shared. If I list them all you may not have the time today to visit everyone, and that would be a shame. Don’t worry though I will be back tomorrow with a few more. See you then!

64 thoughts

    1. Fabulous, enjoy catching up 🙂 I’ve just discovered a new one this morning, so might sneak that in to today’s list as not many people will have had a chance to go through it yet. 🙂 Been amazing how many people have been joining in 🙂


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