Multiple squares for the last Sunday of March Squares

The original plan today was for multiple squares from Porto, but then we visited the modern collection at Museu Calouste Gulbenkian here in Lisbon. And wow so many many squares, had they heard I was visiting?! I cannot do justice via my phone but here are a couple of the works to whet your appetite. All being well a proper post will follow next week on my Portuguese blog.

The second is my header! By the way don’t forget that a week today it will be 1st April, which means it will be time for #PastmeetsPresent. Do hope you will have the energy to join me for this too!

54 thoughts on “Multiple squares for the last Sunday of March Squares

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  6. Both photos are fabulous Becky. Wishing you a better Sunday, those Lisbon hills are hard enough when you can breathe properly! Off out for lunch now and hopefully a walk in a garden if the sun keeps on shining!

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