Had to include the London Eye for one of my ‘Squaring the Circles’!London Eye

I wasn’t as clever as Debbie though at capturing a whole wheel in the round.

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      1. That’s right. I have scheduled my last four posts. They are nothing spectacular. If I get time I might do a slideshow of all my squares for March. I have doubled up on the next lot as I had more squares than days lol

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      2. Very organised of you and hee re squares, they are so many once you start looking!

        I must prepare another overview. Not sure I have energy today, but definitely before Saturday.

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      3. Going to do a bit of work first, and then see how I feel this afternoon. I suspect as you have said I will find it too big a task today. We had planned to go for a walk but discovered after shower that I have not got the legs for it today!!

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  1. You inspired me … and then i discovered I’m not sure where my coney island picture ARE. They are on one of my hard drives … I didn’t have the strength of character to unearth them. I love that ferris wheel. It’s HUGE.

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    1. It is huge – such fun. I would love to see what Coney Island has but can relate to trying to find photos in archives. You need soooooo much energy. I only found this shot by luck!


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