Circular moments in March

Squaring the Circle

I discovered this art a year or so ago in the wonderful Sir Harold Hillier Gardens.

PS We are heading north tomorrow to meet up with friends. I’ll update you all on my Portuguese blog soon, in the meantime please be patient as there are likely to be #Marchsquare response delays after today. All should be back to normal from next Tuesday.


44 thoughts on “Circular moments in March

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  5. Looks like one of those giant lollies you used to get at the seaside. Just want to lick my screen 🙂
    Have a good trip away Becky – you will be swamped with squares on your return, and I have a particularly interesting one for you today 😀
    PS Glad the hugs were of some use. I’ll send you some more ((( )))

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    • Thank you – feeling very cherished and yes also somewhat nervous about so many days away. Hoping I might at least stay on top of comments!!!

      PS don’t recommend licking the screen!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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