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      1. 🙂 I can just smile, I am just wondering I had only one dice at home and was planning to shot that one for this weeks entry, you already have taken a single shot of numerous dices and it’s really amazing!

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    1. So do I . . . . in hindsight I should have square that loop to make a circle with it! Still it is creating some hilarious feedback – which is lovely as I need some laughter today.

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        1. Almost…dad of a best friend. MrB and I are godparents to her son. They’ve had a tough 12months as her mother in law died last year. Just hit me quite hard this afternoon. Remembering the good times though this evening and there were many 😀


      1. I thought about it and didn’t because of the series but it would definitely be better (alternatively, I could crop less closely but I didn’t like that because the door is a bit skew and wherever I cut something off it made it worse :-/ ) But I’ll think about it.

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      1. When I looked I could see lots of fours thanks Jude and then again many twos. Oh the dots before my eyes…the dots….the dots…..
        I said to my mate I cold see spots before my eyes.
        He said “Have you seen a Doctor?”
        I said “No….just spots”
        😀 😀 😀

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        1. Tommy Cooper would have been provide of you Brian 🙂

          And you had made me smile, which I need this afternoon. A close friend’s dad has died, he was a wonderful man and it has brought back memories of my loss last year. Not a great afternoon so jokes are perfect 😀

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