I was inspired to do something different by Carpenter Bees and yesterday’s great conversation with Jude, Brian and Jo 😊. I know not a true ‘Squaring the Circle’ but it is rather special as it is a circle created by a bee.

European Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bees are solitary bees which create nests in soft wood, and also hibernate in these tunnels over the winter months. On Monday there were quite a few of them around, so I am guessing they were all emerging from their winter holes as it was a gloriously warm day. They are big but don’t let that scare you as they are docile unless provoked. I will be sharing a proper post on them on my Portuguese blog soon, but in the meantime here’s one I prepared last year.

PS ‘Be Curious’ if you are viewing this on your laptop as you should be able to see the Carpenter Bee still in its circle hole in my header photograph. If you are using your phone or tablet it might be hidden, sorry!

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