Once I started looking

This is one of my few posts in this challenge where my header is quite different to the main square. I just couldn’t decide which photographs to include!


PS I’ll readily admit this challenge is so much easier when you have so many beautiful tiles in your archives! Both photographs were taken in the wonderful Museu Nacional do Azulejo in Lisboa.

37 thoughts on “Once I started looking

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      • Yes, I would need to give it some thought. I don’t want a drastic change. On my computer the colours are quite muted – a lovely pale pink and green. But once I saw it on a friend’s Mac and was horrified. It was lime and hot pink. Not at all what I intended. Ghastly. How does it look to you?


      • The green is pastel but your blog title is quite a vibrant pink as are the tulips. It looks pretty as it is very colourful but not sure iit is the look you were after if you were thinking summer pastels.


      • phew, that’s good to know. That’s how it looks to me. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the bright lime green. I might still experiment. It’s possible to play around with it but not keep the changes. I could just remove the header photo and have the title and subtitle.

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