Do hope you are going to join me on this month’s adventure, Marilyn already has and so has Judy😊. The challenge rules are quite simple. The most important one to remember is that your main photograph must be a square.

And that’s really the only rule! As whilst this is a daily blogging challenge it is entirely up to you how often you post. It is also up to you how you interpret the two themes.

  1. ‘Squared Squares’ – think multiple squares and squares within squares
  2. ‘Squaring the Circle’ – the perfect post will be a circle within a square

There are two themes because I realised it was going to be too challenging for me otherwise! You can combine the themes, post alternate days, swap mid-way or do something completely different. My plan is to alternate between ‘Squared Squares’ and ‘Squaring the Circle’, and I have scheduled accordingly.

Scheduling from my archives is the only way I can manage a daily challenge, and my posts will appear around this time every day. However if I happen to photograph on the day or the day before an even better ‘Square’ than that scheduled, then my plans may change. After all this is an adventure not a competition with rules.

Before I go I must mention the tag, as it is only with the tag and pingbacks that I will be able to enjoy your squares too. The tag is very simple this month, it is #MarchSquare. Just saying it makes me think of what I might become by the end this challenge – yes you have guessed it . . . . I think I might become as ‘Mad as a March Hare‘!

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    1. Wow! Your first one is amazing and I love the orhers too.

      And yes last day is 31st March. Can’t wait to see what you find next.


  1. I found you through Jo and Tish and have been enjoying many of the March square posts around the blogosphere. Now I know the inspirational source. Cool.

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    1. Hi Ruth
      Geeat to meet you and thank you for your lovely comments. I’m away from home at moment so have limited wifi but look forward to catching up properly on my return

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      1. Another one I’ve just discovered. Such a wonderful discovery but i am annoted with wordpress that your lovely comments and links ended up in spam.


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