It is our penultimate March Square

But as today’s date is even it means my penultimate #MarchSquare is a ‘Squaring the Circle’. Not a perfect ‘Squaring the Circle’ but they are rather special. My header one reflects the fact that the Scouting movement appears in nearly every parade here in Portugal, and the one below of course reminds us it is Easter this weekend. I came across them both last year at one of my favourite Algarvian festivals.

30th (1)

If you follow my Portuguese blog you may already which festival it is. It is called Festa das Tochas Floridas, and it takes place on Easter Sunday every year in São Brás de Alportel. The parade is both fun and extraordinarily beautiful, but what makes it so very special is the carpet of flowers on which they walk. I am so looking forward to seeing this again this year. Wishing everyone a Happy Easter, and if you have not yet participated in this month’s Square Photo Challenge it is not too late! Really it isn’t, as demonstrated perfectly by Kaz this morning.

Did you see any donkeys last Sunday?

I didn’t but we did see palm leaves being carried in Lisbon and I have very happy memories of a donkey being part of a Palm Sunday procession. I think it must have been we lived in Newbury in England. This picture was taken in Alcoutim, in the north east of the Algarve. I am not aware of any donkeys being in a procession there but it does have a donkey tying stone, an incredible collection of tile murals, and happens to be one of our favourite places to spend a lazy sunday.

Donkey in Alcoutim

This coming Sunday won’t be lazy as we have a festival to attend. I will tell you more about that tomorrow, but for now why not grab a cup of coffee or tea and join me again as I look at more of the wonderful #MarchSquares you have been sharing with me over the past couple of weeks.

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It is nearly all over!

I think this is my first photograph for #MarchSquare from the beautiful town of Tavira. I wonder if Jo recognises it? I don’t think it is far from her place.

Tavira Circle

I am going to miss #MarchSquares when it comes to an end, but at least I have #PastmeetsPresent to look forward to on the 1st, and it won’t be long (June) before the next square challenge!! For now though I thought you might find it fun to join me as I take another look at some of the fabulous entries over the past couple of weeks.  Continue reading