Not only is it a New Year but today is the 1st of the month, which means it is the day for #PastmeetsPresent. Up until now I have posted this monthly challenge on my Portuguese blog, but as of this month its new home is here. I am staying Portuguese for this month though.

10th (6)
Same view as my header, just a different sunset!

Usually in #pastmeetspresent I compare a recent photograph with one taken decades ago; I find it fascinating how much or how little things change in our towns and villages. Today though I am still somewhat befuddled plus I have got #SquareSky on the mind. So as you can see I have decided to focus this month not on historical changes but on how marina in Olhão da Restauração changes day to day, and hour to hour.

If you want to take part here are the rules:

  1. Post at least two pictures, they don’t need to be #square!
  2. One of them though must have been taken by you and the second needs to be of the same view (or similar) as the first but taken days, weeks or years before.
  3. The second picture doesn’t need to be taken by you it can be a postcard or a painting.
  4. Don’t forget to use the tag #pastmeetspresent, and to link back to here.

PS Lots of you lovely #SquareSky people have produced amazing galleries of your December #SquareSkies. I’ve not been so organised, but hope to share one in a few days. And in February or maybe March I’ll be launching my next #Square challenge. For now though why not take part in #PastmeetsPresent.

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  1. I’ve been following the incredible photography from your December challenge and thoroughly enjoying everyone’s amazing pictures. I was waiting until a new challenge began before joining and this looked like a good time to stick my toe in the water.

    Your pictures are really stunning. Landscape photography has always been my favorite though I’ve made some effort in recent years to diversify a little bit.

    I know I haven’t said much, but i look a lot! I’ll be checking back with pictures very soon! Thanks for the magnificent pictures.

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  2. I like doing squares sometimes, but only if the image calls for it. Seascapes often look odd square, because I like a more panoramic look for most of those. Happy New Year and have fun following your muse. I love you work.

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  3. I really must join you with this challenge – I keep meaning to and then forget!
    In the meantime I’ve got a square gallery coming along.
    Happy New Year Becky

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