Square Sky

Olhao marina

So we are almost at the end of #SquareSky and hopefully in less than a fortnight I will be looking at this view for real. I better start packing!

Whilst I am busy sorting out what we are going to be taking, why don’t you make a cuppa and take a moment to enjoy some of the fabulous #SquareSky posts our movement have shared over Christmas. 

    PS apologies for the radio silence past couple of days – a combination of new visitors arriving, old guests leaving and a family bereavement. I’m ok but somewhat befuddled. Hope to catch up with you all properly later today or tomorrow.

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    4. Have a wonderful time! I am also off in a week to a place on the other side of India. I hope to be taking a lot of pictures.
      You have linked some lovely skies here. Thank you for including mine. A very happy New Year to you! 🙂

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      • My pleasure Cee to include you, your pictures have been such an inspiration. Wishing you and Chris a very Happy New Year, and here’s to a peaceful, positive and healthy 2018 xx


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