This will be my final #SquareSky for Skywatch Friday, it is my first non-grey one in this challenge for them! There haven’t been many grey skies over the past 29 days but somehow nearly all of them have fallen on Fridays.

December skies

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  1. Sorry to hear your news Becky, that will have knocked you for six.
    Love your kitesurfer, I was thinking of using one of those myself, but gone with yet another sunset. I had no idea I took so many photos of the sky around here!

    My thoughts are with you and the family. xx


    1. I couldn’t do it either! Sorry for being so quiet past few days, been manic and then this morning one of my sister-in-laws died. So feeling a bit out of it.
      Hope to catch up Sunday – when you off to Norfolk?


      1. Oh dear, I am sorry, hon. No worries about the blog- I was just asking. We’re going Sunday morning and hopefully the snow will be gone by then. 🙂 Take care!

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      2. No snow here! Hope your journey ok. And thanks again for all your messages – news came through moments after your text. We are ok, just feeling a bit befuddled xxx


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