31 thoughts on “Winter Solstice

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  4. Serene! 🙂 🙂 Well, I was but I’m now gnashing my teeth because Jude’s gone to see the lights at Heligan without me. 😦 I didn’t remember it was the Winter Solstice till I was on the way but I’ve been to York today.

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      • What a lovely combination. 🙂 It would be peaceful this time of year too? The fog has finally reached us this morning. Spooky lamplights outside the window. 🙂 Sending Christmas hugs to your Mum, and Robert too, of course.

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        • Yes, there were more cones than people! Didn’t stop though as was my usual drive past.

          Oh thank you I’ll pass them on when she emerges again. She’s made herself a tea and disappeared back to bed. 😊

          Hope your fog disappears soon xx

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  7. No sign of the sun this morning, but at least the fog/mist has gone. We are off to see the lights in the Lost Gardens of Heligan tonight, hoping it won’t rain! Our sunset isn’t until around 4:30 so not too bad, but I am looking forward to seeing the daylight hours increase from now on. Happy Winter Solstice Becky – did you capture a sunrise this morning? I haven’t got a sky for you today, but you have a bonus tomorrow 😀

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