A year ago today we were on a rather splendid walk in the Algarvian hills. It didn’t feel or look like a December day, it felt more like early Spring as the bees were buzzing, the birds singing and the goats were ringing their bells.

square sky Portugal
ChiffChaff in Olive Tree

One of the delights I am finding with #SquareSky is that all seasons are being shared, partly because some like me are going back in the archives but also because our #SquareSky movement has bloggers in both hemispheres. There have been some amazing posts over the past few days. Here’s just a tiny selection from our #SquareSky movement album:

Thank you so much to everyone for joining in, and also for your patience over the past few days, I’ve much appreciated it. Took me a few hours yesterday to catch up, but I think I have visited all of the weekend #SquareSky posts. Do let me know if I haven’t.

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