Square Sky

Sunrise in the Algarve

Why not join me this month for #SquareSky. There is only one rule; a square photograph! My theme for December is the sky, hence the hashtag #SquareSky.Β I know this is a busy month for many, so you could do what I am doing which is to schedule the posts and use a photograph taken exactly a year earlier. Alternatively you could take a photograph the day you post as there is no need for any text. Totally up to you, just remember it has to be square!

24 thoughts on “Square Sky

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  8. Pretty sky, a bit like that here last night, but do I detect a less than horizontal horizon? πŸ˜›
    My skies are square, but not taken last December or on the day so am I breaking the rules? I am trying to keep them to winter skies…

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