Sunrise in the Algarve

Why not join me this month for #SquareSky. There is only one rule; a square photograph! My theme for December is the sky, hence the hashtag #SquareSky.Β I know this is a busy month for many, so you could do what I am doing which is to schedule the posts and use a photograph taken exactly a year earlier. Alternatively you could take a photograph the day you post as there is no need for any text. Totally up to you, just remember it has to be square!

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  1. Pretty sky, a bit like that here last night, but do I detect a less than horizontal horizon? πŸ˜›
    My skies are square, but not taken last December or on the day so am I breaking the rules? I am trying to keep them to winter skies…

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      1. PPS Actually welcome your advice on this one. Was not at all sure what I should do with this when I got it home as if I had made the horizon horizontal then the masts wouldn’t be straight. The islands are at an angle, which is why I think I have the slope. What would you have done?


    1. Three weeks to go, not even started thinking about packing!!

      Time will go quickly for you though with Christmas in between, have you got all the family?


      1. Going to Leeds, just for the day, on Christmas. James cooking??? They’re coming to me Boxing Day. New Year still undecided though I’d love Norfolk with the Polish family. πŸ™‚


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