Today I am lucky enough to be one of the thirty-four attending the ‘Kind State of Mind’ Christmas lunch at London’s 10 Cable Street. The lunch has been organised and is being cooked by Ellie, one of my gorgeous step-daughters. A year ago Ellie created a new food website called ‘Kind State of Mind‘, which encourage us all to make a few changes in our lives which will be healthier for us, animals and the planet. Ellie says;

I am a firm believer that doing something is far, far better than doing nothing just because you can’t do it perfectly. So you can’t live without cheese/bacon/Sunday roast – no worries! What could you live without? It could be something as little as planning a few animal free suppers during the week, choosing the veggie burger instead of the beef, swapping out your dairy milk for a non-dairy alternative, or checking that your bathroom and beauty products are vegan.

And then this summer Ellie decided to take the next step and founded a food company – Kinda Co. Not only am I impressed by her entrepreneurial skills, I am also loving the products and services that Kinda Co provide. They make delicious alternatives to dairy and occasionally, like today, run pop-up restaurants. elliexmas

And the menu for today’s lunch looks amazing. There will be faux smoked salmon with capers, cultured dill cream and brown bread, seitan roast with mushroom stuffing, creamy mash, roasted parsnips, savoy cabbage + red wine gravy, sticky toffee pudding with eggnog custard + spiced brandy caramel sauce and best of all there is going to be a Kinda Co. cheeseboard with crackers and all the trimmings.

There will also be the Renegade Choir and a few Christmas puzzles to keep us all amused. And as I have organised the latter I thought I would share one of them with you here. Leave your answers in the comments and in a day or so I’ll let you know the answers. I may also post one or two of the other puzzles!

0001 (4)
Don’t forget a square is a flat shape with four side of equal length and four angles of 90degrees.


Hope you have fun counting! And if you were wondering about the photographs, they are both courtesy of Ellie at Kind State of Mind and Kinda Co. Do please visit her blog and/or company website. If you fancy making the miniature Christmas puds in the header photograph check out Ellie’s recipe here.

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  1. I can only get up to 25, but I do keep losing count and forgetting which ones i’ve already included!

    I love Ellie’s quote, it’s a conclusion I’ve come to myself. I’ve been vegetarian for almost 35 years and, apart from a brief spell at the beginning, i’ve never managed to be vegan even though it’s the logical position given what I believe. You do what you can, and everyone draws their line in a place they can manage. Life is a series of compromises!

    I hope the lunch went brilliantly.

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  2. Sounds good! I usually vary our meals so that we have meat, fish and veggie days. And having a septic tank makes you very careful what products you buy for cleaning and toiletries. I only wish there was more variety of Eco friendly products sold in the supermarkets. As for the puzzle, I only have to look at something like this to go boss-eyed. But I think there are 27 squares. Enjoy what looks to be an incredible feast!

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    1. Your diet sounds like ours, apart from when we are in Portugal when it is nearly all fish & veggie.

      You are not quite there on the squares yet, keep counting!!!

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    2. Agree with you on the eco stuff . . . I got caught on on the bead things in toothpaste the other week. Was so annoyed with myself when i realised.

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