Square Sky

It has been fun going through the December albums and re-discovering the Algarvian skies. Almost makes up for the fact it will be January before we are under these skies again.

14th december algarve

Look’s more like a painting than a photo to me, and I took it!

Thank you again to everyone who has been popping by and taking part in this month’s challenge. It is so much fun seeing all your skies, and some of your squares have been extraordinary. Over the next few days or so I may not be able to visit every sky on the day it is posted as I am here, there and everywhere seeing friends and family. I will though try to make sure all the links are approved daily and I am really looking forward to catching up properly with you and your skies next week.

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    • oh thank you Jude 🙂

      Thoroughly enjoyed the first part of the ‘toing and froing’ as involved a spa day. Briefly home this morning and then off for the second part. Hope to catch up again Tuesday 🙂

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