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    1. oh that’s so true . . . it’s one of the reasons when we move I want a house with a proper view so I can fully appreciate the sky. Bit too hemmed in where we are now, and so difficult to appreciate it.

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        1. 1967. We were traveling by ship and I believe we sailed up the Tagus River.. saw the monument to the discoverers at Belem, Lisbon, and not sure where else. Perhaps nowhere else. We went on to Spain–Madrid and Sevilla, the Alhambra.

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        2. Oh wow pre Carnation Revolution …… you will have experienced a very different Portugal. So very beautiful though. Do you still have photos?


        3. I do have some but not sure if there are any of Portugal. It was a different time…no selfies! I think I have some slides in the garage. I have a converter but haven’t opened it. Ordered it online and had a friend bring it down but haven’t even opened it. Not sure where it is. Converts slides to computer.

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        4. They are amazing those convertor things, but it is time consuming so not surprised you haven’t opened it yet! Have fun though when you do . . I found I spent as much time enjoying the slides and memories as I did actually converting!!

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