10th December
It is allowed a reflection of the sky?

It has been a while since I explained the #SquareSky rules so here’s a reminder. The only rule is that the photograph should be a square! So sky reflections are allowed as is the moon, a peep at the sky, a city skyline and even a sky that is completely blue. I only decided to focus on Algarvian December skies because my album is huge and advance scheduling helps me survive a daily blogging challenge.

If you have not yet joined in, what are you waiting for?! I’d be delighted if you joined me and the rest of the #SquareSky movement, namelyย Cee, Debbie, Brian, Jude, Jo, Candace,ย Roda,ย Kaz, Lisa, Mama, Carol andย Geritarix. I think I have remembered everyone. If I have had a memory lapse though do let me know and I will rectify it straight away.

27 thoughts

    1. I’ll definitely add you Debs in my next roundup as you certainly count. The only rule is square so weekly is fine ๐Ÿ˜
      And so pleased the reflection one has inspired, I just couldn’t miss that one out.


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