Still Waters at sunset
Ria Formosa at sunset

Despite being in Portugal in December for the past three years I haven’t taken a sky photograph on the 5th, so like yesterday I am cheating today! Still it enables to share more of the fabulous sunset photographs which I invariably take at this time of year.

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  1. Is she in Manhattan now? That woman makes me so cross, gallivanting everywhere 🙂 🙂 Poor you with those builders. I’d be bashing one of them by now. Gosh, I’m in violent mood today! Glorious skies this afternoon. I was heading past the marina with arms full and no camera. Catastrophe!

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    1. No I think that was last year . . pretty sure she is still in the UK at moment, but there again . . . . . . . . ..maybe we should sneak into her suitcase!

      I’m just counting down the days to when we escape them, and just hope that they do finish this time. However not hopeful as looks like they have run out of money so many of the other neighbours think the project will be on and off for years 😦


      1. I went straight from yours to Debbie’s and instantly saw Feb 2017. 😦 Goodness knows where next! 🙂 I have a good friend in Copenhagen at the Christmas market this week- and over the bridge to Malmo- and I’m beside myself with jealousy. 🙂 🙂

        Oh dear! Sounds like you need Algarve residency 🙂

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        1. Very dull here in Hampshire, and the builder next door is banging away on the scaffolding opposite my study window. 😦
          If the cold stops him and brings sunshine I’ll be a very happy bunny!!

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  2. I am enjoying taking my photos but I am a day behind. My photos now are from today but posted tomorrow. That Moon photo screwed things up lol
    Love your sunset Becky 🙂

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