Well I’ve got another cunning plan, this time I was inspired by Skywatch Friday and my Algarvian countdown. This challenges begins in December, but I couldn’t resist sharing a November sky with you today on #SkywatchFriday. Ria Formosa at Sunset in November

As with Square in September there is only one rule for my December daily photo challenge – a square photograph. And the theme is sky, with the tag #SquareSky.

I am counting down the days to our return to Portugal so all my skies are going to be Algarvian. And every photograph will be shared a year to the day after it was taken! As it is a busy month though I have scheduled the posts. You though don’t need to do this  you could take a photograph on the day you post as there is no need for any text. Totally up to you how you participate, just remember though as of 1st December your photograph has to be square. Have fun!

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  1. Beautiful! I’ve been taking some lovely sky shots recently so I might be able to join in for some of the days, but I have my own ‘squares’ happening in December. No challenge, just a way of showing some of the floral delights still happening here in the west country 🙂

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    1. Oh that be lovely if you can, and the thought of a few floral squares in December sounds lovely. Really missing my Algarvian flora, especially as I have woken up to white outside (frost not snow) so some West country flowers will keep me going until January xx

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