This week I have been attempting to manage my albums but as always when I delve into my photographic archives I am sidetracked by memories, and distracted with ideas for posts. I managed yesterday to limit myself to just a couple of photographs and six words, but today I’m finding that impossible as I have opened the Kew album and discovered all of the ones that didn’t make into #SquareinSeptember.Surrounded by glass and steel

Wikipedia states there are eight plant houses at Kew Gardens; the oldest dating back to 1761 and the newest opened in 2006. However not all of them contain plants and one of them is currently closed for restoration, so it is probably more accurate to say there are five plant houses.

Plant houses are not the only structures at Kew, there is also the Treetop Walkway. It is 18metres high and the walk through the canopy is 200metres long. I wonder if this would count for Jo’s Monday Walks?!

From the walkway we had planned to head for the Great Pagoda but that was undergoing repairs. There are though plenty of other structures to discover at Kew from the Minka House to Sackler Crossing to the Royal Kitchens. The latter I’ll tell you all about another day. For now I’ll finish with the Bee Hive and a link to Kew Gardens.

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  1. Must visit Kew next time in England. The comments have made me smile…..imagining you walking back and forth just to get a Jo’s Monday Walk blog out πŸ˜€

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    1. She’s such a hard taskmaster πŸ˜‰
      You’d really enjoy a day there, so much to see. I’ve still got another post, possibly two, up my sleeve to share.

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      1. Now my place is looking good with the rain refreshing the dry dusty place it was, I promised Jo I would do a walk through my property. Just have to find the right day and get an early start before it gets too warm.

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  2. Kew is a delight. If I lived closer i would definitely have annual membership. it is so big that one visit is never enough and I love the glasshouses, though to be fair that Palm House does need restoration too. Maybe once they have finished the Temperate House they’ll start on that one? The Princess of Wales Conservatory is beautiful though. Lots of lovely plants inside there. There is another little orangery too hidden somewhere, I sheltered in it during a shower.

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    1. Likewise! It is about 90minutes away from us . . so I did ponder it one time but I have found even an hour for Wisley is too much despite having RHS membership so it won’t happen anytime soon.

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      1. I had RHS membership when we lived in Surrey/Hampshire and Wisley was a 40 minute drive away, but en route to my daughter in Esher so we visited regularly. Often Gen and I would meet at the gardens for a stroll and a coffee. Good days!

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  3. I think you might have to walk back and forwards a time or two to call it a walk, Becky, but you know how easygoing I am. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ It’s good that Kew keeping adding interest, isn’t it? One day we’ll get back there, and hopefully the pagoda will be finished. Got to get myself well muffled up because we’re off to see Lumiere shortly. I shall think warm thoughts. πŸ™‚ Thanks, darlin!

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