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    1. oh wow . . . we’ve had two very hard frosts in the last week and so anything that wasn’t brought in now looks very sorry for itself. We’re definitely moving west when we finally move in 2019.


      1. And another thing…. it is a helluva long way to an airport! Which is why we rarely go anywhere since moving down here 🙂


      2. There are flights too Faro from Newquay, but only during the summer. Bristol is probably the closest, but still three hours drive away, even longer by train / bus! I think once I am satiated with the beaches we might move closer to the Dorset/Wiltshire/Somerset borders.


      3. We’ve just lost our winter flights from Southampton but Gatwick is under 2hrs so manageable travel wise even if I hate the crowds.

        Long term though got to escape the south east – Somerset is high on my list as both Bristol, East Midlands and Birmingham are options then.

        My problem is I want the advantages lots of people bring but without the people!!!

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      4. I know what you mean. Whenever I return to the SE I am astonished at how busy everywhere is. When you live there you stop noticing it, but after the quietness of Shropshire I’m very aware.


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