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Marialuisa Tadei’s work may be based in ancient techniques but what she produces is very contemporary. Everything I’ve read about Marialuisa’s work draws comparisons between her glass mosaics and digital pixels, and close up you can see what they mean. I must admit though the main thing I am now thinking is how many hours does it take to stick them all on!

By the way did you work out what it is from my first picture? It is the most intelligent of all the invertebrates, and has advanced cognitive function. According to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park her use of mosaic has elevated it into a more ethereal realm. Bit too solid and large for me to think ethereal but I agree it is incredibly beautiful.Mosaic Octopus by Marialuisa Tadei

If you are still pondering what on earth it is, it is probably because I have not shared a proper photograph yet. Plus it isn’t where you might expect to find one. It should be in the sea rather than in the middle of the Yorkshire moors surrounded by a tiny fence, which by the way it wouldn’t have any problems in getting over!

Yup it is a polipo or as we call them an octopus.
Unfortunately the fence is there to stop us humans
Don’t think that fence will hold it back!

I thought though the circular fence, curvy limbs and the big round eyes perfect for this week’s rounded.

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  1. So lovely! Wasn’t there on my visit sadly. I love mosaics. Take me back to being a very young teenager and making flower pots with my mother; breaking up old tiles and sticking them on terracotta pots. It must have been a sixties thing 😉

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  2. Gorgeous! ❤ Such a happy-making sight. And that fence is truly funny. 😀

    Sooner or later I will start working back through your blog, I know I've missed a lot. Hope you're well!

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