After the bronzes, stone and man-made materials outside it was a bit of surprise to discover sculptures made of wood in the first room.

A balancing act
Spring (2016)

Every sculpture Tony Cragg creates is handmade by himself assisted by a team in his studio in Germany. What struck me about much of his work, apart from the beauty, was the complexity and intricacy of many of them. The Daily Telegraph called them mindboggling, and Spring (2016) certainly challenged my mind with its balancing and multiple layers of wood. I think this might have been my favourite of them all.

The exhibition of his work earlier this year at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park took you inside and outside, and seemed to go on forever.Β It was quite extraordinary, and what I have shared here today are only from the first room.

I’ll be back soon with my shots of some of the other rooms but if you cannot wait here’s a peek of what we discovered in the second.

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  1. Fascinating, Becky. These sculptures look as though they were originally everyday objects, but melted! They look like wood, but don’t look as wood should! πŸ˜€

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    1. I was convinced they were chairs when I first walked in room!! Amazing what he has done with the wood isn”t it πŸ™‚


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