As we walked into the Underground Gallery the first thing we were told was ‘do not touch’, and it was to be repeated in nearly every room. All I wanted to do though was touch asΒ Tony Cragg’s rare category of objects was simply crying out to be stroked!itching to touch!

I am trying to keep this short and sweet for Debbie and her Six Word Saturday, so should you wish to discover more about Tony Cragg and A Rare Category of Objects in the Underground Gallery do come back tomorrow or take a look at some of the ones I shared earlier this week – the dice and the ones outside!


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      1. oh how wonderful, but I am not surprised. and here’s a triple wow (wow, wow, wow) to finish the day off πŸ™‚

        or was that quadruple?!

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      2. Unfortunately not yet because my broadband is currently behaving like dial-up and I can’t play anything. Saved though for later πŸ™‚

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  1. They look better in colour I think. And yes, very tactile. What I like about Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth sculptures is that you are encouraged to touch them.

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    1. Much better in colour I agree . . . . I wasn’t sure if it was an artist request or YSP, I suspect the latter as I noticed they had roped off lots outside too. Maybe too many visitors these days resulting in every little stroke having an impact . . huge shame though as sculpture in my view is as much about touch as it is seeing.

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      1. The Family of Man (BH) was roped off, but I think that was mainly because the grass around them was getting badly worn.


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