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  1. Yay! We made it to the end of the month! Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to join you on your slow amble through Kew gardens and sharing the lovely flowers you encountered. You have made me quite excited at presenting flowers in a square format, they work well, especially with close-ups. Actually I even changed the camera format to a square to shoot on the beach, just to see how that would work, so thanks again for the inspiration. Have a lovely day today Becky!

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    1. Thank you SO much for joining in the fun . . . your presence made the challenge special 🙂

      ooh didn’t think of changing the camera, will have a play.
      PS All 30 squares might reappear tomorrow!!!

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  2. Oh, VERY well done! Debs will be impressed 🙂 🙂 Was it just me or was September endless? Glad you made it, and happy to give my support. Many thanks for the link and a happy weekend to you 🙂

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    1. At one point I thought the month had trebled in size!!!
      Thank you again so much for all your support, do hope you are going to have a brilliant weekend. How’s Mick?


      1. Still in bed 🙂 🙂 Not much planned except a lunch tomorrow. It’s a year on Monday since Dad died so we’re meeting Tony and family. Debs 6 words is up now if you want to change your link to this week?


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