More sweetpeas to remember Dad by

It is maybe the penultimate day of Square in September, but my busy month has one more thing to throw at me! Really looking forward to this one though. Tomorrow it is MrB’s Birthday party, organised by his fabulous daughters and taking place here in Winchester. I haven’t had to do a thing, well hardly anything! I can’t wait to catch up with family and friends, and I’ll probably have an extra glass (or two) to also celebrate the end of Square in September 😉

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  1. Is this a belated birthday bash? I thought we’d done this already? Can’t have too many anyway. Mine’s a large one! 🙂 🙂 Happy birthday again Robert and I love your sweetpeas.

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    1. Hee hee . . yes a belated bash as his daughters were busy the actual weekend, but as it is the big 7 0 I agree with you you can never have too many . . . if you are passing tomorrow pop in!!!


  2. How fabulous to end the month with a celebration! Happy birthday Mr B 😀
    Lovely sweet peas, mine are all but gone now sadly, but they do bring lots of pleasure. I am going to try all white ones next year for a change, or maybe some pastel ones. The fun is in planning 🙂

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      1. A bit of both. I pick to keep them flowering, but I do like to see them in the garden, though this year I planted them in a place that I couldn’t see from the house. I’ll choose a better spot next year.

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        1. My Dad always grew them on cordons so they were always hidden from view, but like you I like to enjoy them from the house so have them on a wigwam. Am thinking next year I might try cordons and wigwams!

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          1. Mine grow on a pretty little obelisk that I bought to use in a container when I only had the very small patio. It worked, but they are much better in the ground. I might treat myself to another obelisk.

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