27 thoughts on “Square in September

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  3. I suppose if I was to be critical I’d say that the foreground is overexposed, but since we only post for enjoyment and not for technical expertise I shall forget that and simply comment on the lovely layers and colours you have captured here. And yes, your WW one is simply gorgeous! I would definitely get that one printed and up on the wall.

    Mine is a little cooler today.

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    • That’s really helpful and explains exactly what is wrong with it . . problem was I didn’t have many photographs left when I came to collate and so couldn’t throw it out as I probably would have normally! As you say though we are only posting for enjoyment, and it does bring back happy memories. Thank you though so much for your comments on my WW one 😀

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      • Glad I didn’t offend. You have to be so careful when commenting. I would have edited the foreground to change the light there, but I know you haven’t had time to fiddle with your photos, and as I said, it is a lovely capture.

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  5. They’re full of get up and go, aren’t they? I think it’s a lovely shot. 🙂 🙂 You’re running out of days fast! Off to check out the others 🙂 What’s todays plan? And no, I’m not being nosy, Jude- just interested. (you know she can’t resist in putting her twopenorth in- not like some people we know 🙂 )

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