Told you the Alliums were everywhere in June

Earlier this month I mentioned the alliums at Kew. They really were everywhere this year. Such a fabulous flower to photograph whatever stage you catch them at.

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  1. Alliiums have been popular over the last few years and last year I planted some myself, but they weren’t very successful. I think you need a lot of them together to make an impression. I hope mine will spread! I have gone for another shot of one of my favourite flowers, this one I want in my garden next year as I have the purple and orange forms, but not the white.

    I realise the date looks incorrect but that’s because I have used a couple of my macro Mondays in the month
    Hope you are having a slightly more restful week. We are chilling today, it has been full one since Friday and my foot needs a rest!

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    1. Oh your poor foot! My week still a bit hectic as took my Mum home yesterday, and today planning for the party at weekend! Thank goodness for early mornings when I can catch up on my blogging life and with friends 🙂

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    2. I’ve had the same problem with alliums . . . think I might try again when we finally move, lost the will to change our current garden because of the ground elder and neighbours.

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        1. They were excellent until they started a second (and enormous) extension two years ago which has no signs of being finished this year either!

          No somewhere in England or maybe Scotland, keeping the Algarve for long escapes 🙂


          1. Ah, that;s not great having all the building noise. Scotland is so beautiful, we considered moving there, but not sure we’d cope with the cold in winter. I think I have become a southern softy!

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    1. Housework is one of those things that can always be avoided!!
      Was a warm September weekend for us, but now back to the usual British grey, wet but I must admit not cold yet!

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          1. Certainly not. I just hope it rains soon. So dry. The grass crackles underfoot and I have lots of sad looking plants in the garden 😦


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