Another herbaceous border at Kew

I am in awe of everyone who regularly manages a daily blog post. You are all incredible. Even with scheduling these in advance it has been a challenge. I’ve enjoyed it though as thanks to my decision to post each photo in time order, I have been remembering the actual walk I did in Kew with my lovely Mum and my siblings.

Today I am with my Mum again as she joined us yesterday evening from the hotel where Dad’s memorial lunch was. As I write this I am hoping all went okay, and that all will be okay now the memorial has taken place.

The plan is to share a little bit more on Dad and his memorial soon, but in the meanwhile I wanted to say thanks again to Jo for influencing my decision on the order of squares with her wonderful Monday walks, to Cee for the floral inspiration and to everyone who has been joining in with the challenge. Your pictures and support this month have all been amazing and it has been such a joy to see what everyone is sharing.

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  1. I think you are the only person (except Jill who is walking the Camino de Santiago trail: who has managed to drag out a walk for 30 days! Only 5 more to go and then it will be October. I am definitely not ready for October or the subsequent months. Today’s square from me is getting in a little closer to one I showed you earlier in the month. Happy Monday!!

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  2. Here I am at last! 🙂 🙂 It’s been an emotional weekend for you, and fraught but fun before that. Me, I’m just looking forward to seeing you in the Alentejo. Hurry up and book! No pressure 🙂 (just joking- if not this trip, then the next one)

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