Kew in June

This is a scheduled post and so won’t reflect the happenings of yesterday. I may when I have a few moments spare tell you more about yesterday, but today I would be delighted if you joined me in thinking about the youth of future. Today I am attending the christenings of a dear friend’s two boys. I am to be a Godmother again – feeling very honoured and, also grateful that this morning at least I can be focused on all things positive and the future.

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    1. Do you know I didn’t even think of that at the time but you are right it is most appropriate – had a lovely day thank you 🙂
      Just got a hour or so now to catch up on posts before my house guests awaken!

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      1. Enjoy your house guests. We seem to have been inundated this past few months, I love seeing them, but don’t like all the extra cooking and changing bed-linen that it entails! We really could do with an annexe!

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  1. Positive thinking, Becky. I know it’s smething you’re good at, and your Dad will still be there, smiling to himself as he looks on. God bless! 🙂 🙂

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