Iris at Kew

Today would have been my Dad’s 82nd Birthday instead it will be his memorial. We are off to Midhurst for a lunch with family and friends to remember him. Mixed emotions and thoughts today, and my 23rd flower is not quite what I would have chosen. However you will recall I had decided for my ‘Square in September’ challenge to share each photograph in the order they were taken  – so an Iris it is for you today Dad. Perhaps though it is a perfect choice, serendipity even, as Dad’s Mum was called Iris. My Dad adored his Mum and she was an amazing Nana. Thinking of you both xx

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    1. So glad you like 🙂 and yes I think you are right he would have done. Saturday went well, was what Mum wanted and so many of the guests enjoyed.

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  1. And such a beautiful indigo iris too. So we have an Iris in common too then Becky. Your Nana and my Mum. Sending you love on this bittersweet day ❤ ❤

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    1. They did thank you Anabel . . . I did feel a little bit disconnected from it all which was a most strange feeling but my Mum was so happy with how it went that buoyed me through the day xx

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