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  1. These are Geums I believe, but I don’t know the variety, maybe ‘Totally Tangerine’? Whatever they are they do look lovely in a mass. I’m also going red/orange today. And like you the next couple of days are going to be ultra busy. Aussie family (5) coming over for lunch today and English family (5) arrive tonight so we are all spending tomorrow together – thankfully they all have their own holiday cottage, I don’t think I’d cope otherwise! A shame my other son couldn’t get down this weekend as it would have been a rare chance to get all children and grandchildren together. (4 children, 7 grandchildren). Enjoy your weekend Becky – hope it is not too stressful.

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    1. Oh wow – what an amazing weekend you have ahead and as you say all having your own space will make it extra special 😊 maybe the grandchildren can skype your other son so he’s with you virtually!

      Thanks for the heads up on the plant. En masse they looked amazing.

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    1. This is a pretty one isn’t it 🙂

      And no no feet up until after the 30th!! Just today and the next three are particularly busy (read emotional!!).


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