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No wonder they are called Red Hot Poker! Just a shame the sun had hidden behind the clouds whilst we were in the herbaceous border as they cooled down a little bit. Well that’s my excuse for what I feel is an unsatisfactory square today! If you want to enjoy some much better squares then do pop along to:

  • Jude – she’s been amazing and joined me daily with floral squares
  • Roda  – may only have just joined us but wow what great shots
  • Lisa – has also recently joined us and seems to be juggling as much as I am this month. How do you do it?!
  • Meg  – who has shared a brilliant twist on ‘Square in September’ and brought a smile to my face this morning
  • Bushboy  – who I am delighted to have discovered thanks to this challenge
  • LeAnn  – she also been joining in lots with some gorgeous captures
  • Mar – who amazingly finds time to blog as a Mum of nine and her California poppy is so much better than mine!
  • And newly discovered is the Milense Blog and was my third amazing Hydrangea yesterday morning

Apologies to anyone who has shared a Square in the past few hours and is not included above. As you may know I came up with this idea of scheduled squares because my 2017 September is impossibly busy, and consequently I only have a few hours a week to pop round to say hi to everyone. If I have missed you please do leave a comment below and I will add as soon as I can 🙂


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    1. Thank you as this is a gorgeous one……am though confused now which is original blog?! As spotted Milanese which I thought I’d linked to but this is a different url.


      1. Anna has some kind of issue with WP and has an Italian page as well as the Sanfermo url I sent you but she’ll be fine with either. I probably should have given her your link rather than the other way around. Sorry! 😦 Did you not already know her blog?

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        1. Ah that explains all…… no reason to apologise I’m just grateful you are keeping an eye out for me. So worried I might miss someone.

          I recall looking at her lovely blog months ago and thought I was following but discovered I’m not!

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  1. Thanks Becky for the “shout out”! We used to have Kniphofia a few years ago but those plants died. We just planted three new plants in the garden last week. Hopefully they will survive and come back and eventually put on a show like the lovely ones you photographed here. Are these also from Kew garden? I have never been there and I have been enjoying your pictures from there.

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    1. My pleasure for the shout out 🙂

      Fingers crossed yours survive . . mine struggled this year so think I might need to do the same as you.

      And yes all from one day at Kew earlier this year. I’m going to have to do a separate post on the house and garden views!!

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  2. I was just about to say what a fun header when it disappeared and was replaced by red hot pokers 😦 But I like them. We have them too and the birds love them even more than we do. 🙂 🙂

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    1. ahha .. it must have been one of the general headers for the home page. Can you recall what it looked like? As I can then direct you to the post where it came from!!!


  3. So far we haven’t used the same flower on the same day, I wonder if we will before the end of the month? As for Kniphofia they can look very dramatic en masse, but I loathe the way they die with all the scruffy brown on the stems whilst still colourful on top. Have a lovely day! We’re off to St Michael’s Mount and so far it is not raining!!!


    1. Hee hee – not many days left for us to overlap. I suspect we won’t but there again I have got some repeats coming up so who knows . . . .

      And yes there are much much better en masse. Mine had a very poor showing this year so I’ve been averting my eyes!

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