Square in September

Finally a plant I can actually name, this is a phlomis. I can’t tell you which one exactly but I am still feeling very proud that thanks to my attempts as a amateur botanist in Portugal I am actually remembering names back here in England!

It's a bee on a Phlomis

As we are halfway through ‘Square in September’ perhaps I should remind everyone of how this came about. In August I was looking at the diary and realised that September was going to be impossibly busy what with MrB’s 70th, Heritage Open Days, Dad’s memorial, a Christening where I am one of the godmothers, arrival of family from USA, a gallery opening and possibly a trip to Scotland! I was worried that I wouldn’t have time for this blog, and so decided I would follow in the footsteps of the wonderful Cee by posting a flower every day. There is though a slight twist in that every picture has been edited into a square, hence my title Square in September!

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