Our third glass house

Hmm this one doesn’t look much like a square?! I am sure it was a square when I uploaded it at the beginning of the month. It doesn’t really surprise me though if any was to ‘un-square’ itself it would be a photograph of these orchids. UPDATE – it isn’t an orchid! Thanks to the wonderful Jude of ‘Earth laughs in flowers‘ I have discovered it is in fact Clock Vine (Thunbergia Mysorensis) .I recall I had tremendous problems photographing them at the time. They were in a dark corner under some stairs, the glasshouse was hot and I was desperate for a cup of tea. Never a good combination when out with the camera!

By the way I’d be delighted if you chose to join in with the daily square flower challenge this month. The only requirement is your photo must be square, which of course I failed today!

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    1. I don’t think this is an orchid, not the right shape. One of those tropical plants like heliconias but I can’t think of the name. A shame PP doesn’t blog any more as she would probably ID it.

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          1. I’d forgotten the name Pommepal! I got used to calling her Pauline. I did think she and Jack would be back. Same thing with Louise- and don’t ask because I can’t remember her blogging name either! Poppy? Painting lady. Hangs out with Chillbrook. I miss her too! And here we are filling up Becky’s comments. Sorry, chuck! 🙂 🙂

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          1. I don’t think so. It’s years since I’ve been to Kew and I thought it was looking a bit shabby. Debs has featured some lovely stuff though, and I do intend to go back. Like so many other places 😦

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          2. Opened in 1987 apparently. The palm house was looking a bit neglected when I visited (2010) and the temperate house was closed as it was being renovated. The waterlily glasshouse needs restoring too. But this one is a delight as are the grounds.

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          3. ahha I knew you would have updated Jo. The huge huge glass house is closed, but the temperate one I think is now re-opened. But as I said my memory this year is struggling so I could have them mixed up!


          4. I think the temperate one is due to open in 2018. It has been closed since May 2013. My visit was in 2014 not 2010. I thought it was before we moved to Shropshire but obviously not!

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      1. Fabulous – thank you so so much. And yes almost certainly the same one as that’s where we were in the orchid room or (now thinking about it) had we not quite got there. So much has happened since 1st June I am getting confused!
        Thank you though for looking it up 😀


    2. It’s gorgeous isn’t it . . .but looks like I was wrong with my description. Jude says it isn’t an orchid and I will bow to her expertise as I’m hopeless on plants!

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