Birthday rose

We stayed quite a while in the rose garden, Mum and I creating our walk by following the scent of the roses rather than what the eye could see. This one I remember smelled gorgeous, if only I could remember its name! If you loved scented walks too then why not visit Jo when she discovered Yorkshire Lavender a few weeks ago.

10 thoughts

  1. Bless you, honeybun! That’s a beauty 🙂 🙂 Love the colour! We have one deep crimson old rose in our garden and it smells wonderful. It’s stabbed me a time or tow though. 😦 Happy Monday! And thank you 🙂

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    1. Ouch!! However I’d forgive it everytime as it smells ☺ love those that have a scent
      Hope all is well with you this Monday morning x


        1. Like the fact no plan not that it grey!! Very grey here, I did have a plan but have spent all morning doing something else!! Festival has taken over myself, thank goodness I am loving every moment though!


        2. You’ll miss it when it’s all over. 🙂 🙂 It got out quite pleasant here so we tootled down the Moors and exhausted ourselves. The heather is just starting to turn so got to make the most. 🙂

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        3. Oh I love being on the moors at this time – glorious. Wish I lived closer to a moor
          PS won’t have time to miss you should see the diary for rest of the month!!


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