Square in September

The next 30 days are going to be rather busy what with MrB’s 70th, Heritage Open Days, Dad’s memorial, a Christening where I am one of the godmothers, arrival of family from USA, a gallery opening and possibly a trip to Scotland! So rather than forget my ‘random’ blog when I have only just re-discovered its delights I thought I would expand on my recent Wordless Wednesdays and follow in the footsteps of the wonderful Cee by posting a flower every day. There will be a slight twist though every picture is going to be square, hence my title Square in September! Under the trees

PS Every photograph was taken on 1st June 2017 at Kew Gardens in England, when my siblings and I took Mum out for the day to celebrate her 80th birthday. The flowers will be shared in the order they were photographed, and are only a selection of my snaps from the day! Enjoy the flowers, have a great September and thanks for the inspiration Cee.

23 thoughts on “Square in September

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  15. A flower a day sounds delightful. And I like the square idea. Not sure I have time to join you though as I have several blog posts to get out, but I’ll try to post a few! Soon be festival of leaves time too!!

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    • Ooh! Leaf season, love leaves . . can’t wait. Definitely will find a few leaves for you 😀
      (And if you can find the odd floral square that would be amazing, but no worry if not. Totally understand about the time thing at the moment which is why I had a mad scheduling 30hours last month for this month!)

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