The theme is four

PJ’s photo blogging challenge is four years old this month, hence the theme of four. To find out more why not visit PJ at A’lil Hoohaa, but before you go here are my five of four.

Alcoutim Donkey Tying Stone

Four curves in Alcoutim

Orchestra of Avocets

Double Four, or rather 44 avocets

As per the rules these were all taken this month. I had hoped to include a flower or four but who knew so many flowers have five petals!

Porto Tiles

Four Windows in Porto

DSCN0102 (2)

And to finish something English rather than Portuguese as for the final week of March we’ve nipped home to see family, Septimus (see below) and catch up on English things. Although we could have done without Brexit!

Four Paws!

Four Paws