On Tuesday I had a few hours spare in Olhão da Restauração so I decided to wander the back streets. Usually I focus on cats, windows and flowers but as it was Valentines Day stroll I thought I’d share a little love with the unloved doors of Olhão. But before I do here’s cat. Well I couldn’t ignore him even if he was ignoring me!Cat

The back streets of Olhão seem narrow for people let alone cars on some streets, but that makes it perfect for wandering. Many visitors worry about getting lost, but we always say you can never really get lost. As all you need do is head for the sun and whatever the time of day you will end up on the seafront.

Some of the buildings look close to collapse, and in fact one building did in December. Others are slowly being repaired, and most of course are well loved and cherished. I wasn’t in the mood for photographing those though on Tuesday. I was enjoying finding the ones on their last hinges, and in need of some love.

If you want to know more about Olhão, then visit my Olhão page on my Portuguese blog which shares everything (well almost) there is to know about our winter home in Southern Portugal. And if doors are your thing then pop along and say hi to Norm and his wonderful Thursday Doors, the virtual home for door lovers around the world.

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