Surprisingly I have not taken a photograph every day this month, perhaps because we were in England for some of it. I have though been out with the camera sufficiently to be able to share a few galleries for two monthly blogging challenges –  A ‘lil Hoohaa’s January Express Yourself and Cardinal’s Changing Seasons

Every photograph in this post, including the header, was taken on a different day this month. They represent both the day and the month which is why this collection may seem a little bit unusual.

Ok I admit my first gallery is a right old mixture. I didn’t know quite where to start with ‘Express Yourself’ but then I started reflecting on what I have been up to this month. So the gallery shares some of my favourite activities this month and I think captures ‘Express Yourself’ quite well! Now whilst I can be very random at times and like to do things my own way, I generally like order. So the rest of this post reflects my more composed self as well as capturing the ‘Changing Season’ here in the Algarve.

Evenings here in Olhão da Restauração can be quite beautiful, and so you will often find us strolling along the front. In fact you will find us most days out exploring and/or birding in the Ria Formosa.

However as those of you know from my Portuguese blog the Algarve is not just about the sea. There are pretty towns and beautiful countryside too.

Before I go a big shout out to the lovely Jude who introduced me to Cardinal this month, and consequently reminded me of PJ too.

PS Did you spot the cat?

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  1. OMG your photos are all so good. I think ‘Changing Tides’ captures the feeling of seasonal change so well. The human element gives it all a sense of scale and movement. ‘Chilly but beautiful’ your sunset seascape needs to go in a frame and hang on a wall. Great shots x

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    1. Thank you so much……it is a fabulous country and we are so lucky it is only 2hrs by plane from our home in England


  2. Oh oh oh!!!! The pig is my FAVORITE! My second favorite is the bird next to the pig… that is so artistic! All of your photos are stunning. The water ones too… so pretty!

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    1. Oh wow thank you very very much Katherine 😆 so glad you like. Had great fun taking them especially of the piglet. I’m going to be sharing more on the piglets on my Portuguese blog soon, they were adorable 😊


  3. Yes, I saw the cat! And the camels, all the birds and the piglet. Such a great mix of images that really give me a good sense of place. Well done!

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