Have I . . . . . . .

πŸ’ Been married: Yes
πŸ‘« Gone on a blind date: No
πŸ‘₯ Skipped school: Yes
😡 Been there when someone died: No
πŸš‘ Ridden in an ambulance: No
πŸŒ‡ Been to America: Yes
πŸŒƒ Been to Europe : Yes
πŸ—Ό Been to Blackpool: Yes
πŸ’Ί Been to Liverpool : Yes
🚈 Been to Newcastle: Yes
πŸš‰ Visited Disneyland: Yes
🏁 Visited Legoland: No
🚧 Seen the Grand Canyon: No
🚁 Flown in a helicopter: No but flown in a hot air balloon πŸ™‚
🚒 Been on a cruise: No unless a Tall Ship counts!
πŸ“ƒ Served on a jury: No
β˜”οΈ Danced in the rain: Yes
🚘 Been to Manchester: Yes
πŸš‚ Been to Edinburgh: Yes
🎼 Played in a band? No
🎀 Sung karaoke: Yes
πŸ“± Made prank phone calls: Yes
πŸ˜‚ Laughed so much you cried: Yes
❄ Caught a snowflake on your tongue: Yes
πŸ‘ΆπŸ»Had children: No
🐢 Had a pet: Yes
πŸ‚ Been sledding on a big hill: Yes
🎿 Been downhill skiing: No
🌊 Been jet skiing: Yes
🚩 Ridden on a quad: No
🚌 Travelled on a bus, train & coach: Yes
✈ Jumped out of a plane: No
🎬 Been to an outside movie: No unless a barn counts?!
🐫 Ridden a camel: No they were on holiday in Sydney when I tried
🐎 Ridden a donkey: Not sure!
🎬 Been on TV: Yes
πŸ“° Been in the newspaper: Yes
πŸ₯ Stayed in hospital: Yes
πŸ’‰ Donated blood: Yes but can’t anymore 😦
πŸ“Œ Had a piercing: Yes
🐾 Had a tattoo: No
πŸš™ Driven over 100 mph: Yes but once was enough
πŸŒ… Been scuba diving:Β No but snorkelled πŸ™‚
🏠 Lived on your own: Yes
πŸš“ Ridden in the back of a police car: No
πŸ“ Had a speeding ticket: No
πŸ’Š Broken a bone: Yes
πŸ“ Had stitches: Yes
πŸ’Ί Travelled Alone: Yes

How about you?!

I just spotted this list on a cousin’s Facebook page and thought it was brilliant. Rather than sharing on Facebook I thought I’d share my answers here. Join in with your own post. Love to see how many of these you have done.

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