Jude has asked us to share this month portraits of our favourite flowers or those we find unusual. I wasn’t sure what i was going to do for my fourth and final portrait until I spotted this gorgeous dahlia at Hillier Gardens this week.Twynings After Eight with Bee!

It is Twynings After Eight, what a great name for what I think is a wonderful dahlia. Not a favourite yet but think it might be by next year. Both my mum and I plan to purchase a few to join our respective Bishops of Llandaff

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  1. I have seen this one before and it is lovely – I hope you buy some. Sorry I missed this – I think you have linked to the instruction page and not a post so I don’t get the pingback. Apologies for being late! I wanted to visit a dahlia farm near me, but didn’t find time before we went away and now it is too late. Next year.

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    1. Oh no worries about delay and yes you are spot on about ping back! I just feel honoured you found it 😊
      A dahlia farm sounds fabulous, not sure I’ve ever seen one. I’ll be off to my local garden centre in the Spring to find this ☺

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