It is the second Sunday of the month so I am back with another flower portrait for ‘Hey Jude‘. Last Sunday I shared a favourite, and it is another favourite I am showcasing this week. I am fond of this one because of the smell. In February the Algarvian hills are covered in Almond blossom and it smells just like honey. The smell is incredible, as is the sound of buzzing bees which surround you when you approach for a close up.Almond Blossom 3.jpg

There is a Moorish legend in the Algarve that the abundance of Almond trees is because of the love of Ibn-Almundim for Gilda, the daughter of a great lord from the north. Following their marriage she grew incredibly sad and began to wane away. There seemed to be no cure for her illness. Until one day an old man told Ibn-Almundi that Gilda was missing the snow-covered mountains of her homelands. Ibn-Almundi clearly was a clever man as he thought out of the box! Rather than moving to the north he ordered thousands of Almond trees to be planted on the hills surrounding the castle, and that winter Gilda’s health and happiness returned as the trees blossomed.


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