This month ‘Hey Jude‘ is asking us to showcase a ‘flower that you are particularly fond of or one that is unusual’. Crikey I thought . . . . . where do I start! As you may have already gathered from my other blog I am turning into a flora fiend! After much flower pondering I realised I was never going to be able to showcase just one, but I am going to try and restrict myself to four. I thought one favourite or unusual for every Sunday.

Water Lily
Water Lily at Phipps, Pittsburgh

So the first of the four is a favourite. Like Restless Jo I can never resist them when walking past. I love this photograph, not just because of the colours and composition but because it always brings back happy memories of a glorious Autumn visit to Pittsburgh. A great city these days, and one I have been fortunate enough to visit lots. Apart from my family who live there, one of the highlights is Phipps Conservatory. It is a real must see if you visit Pittsburgh. And talking of visits I do hope you will visit again next Sunday, or maybe before as I have never been one to follow even my own rules so there could be more flower portraits mid week!

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  1. What a spectacular shot, Becky, and thank you so much for the link 🙂 🙂 I’ve just sat down for a while, midway through the pile of ironing and with Sunday lunch washed up. What a very lovely surprise. 🙂 I’d better go and see Jude now. Happy Sunday!

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    1. Thanks Jo and always delighted to link to you 🙂
      I’ve just arrived in London for a few days in the big city!


  2. Hiya Becky. Lovely portrait and unusual to see a yellow one. One reason why I love taking flower photos is that they do come with memories of a day out or even a sunny day in the garden! I didn’t know you had family in Pittsburgh; are you from there? Or is this the OH’s family?
    Thank you for joining in with the challenge 🙂
    Jude xx

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    1. Thanks Jude 🙂 and so true about flower memories
      It’s the OH family! His sister moved out to the US 30 odd years ago and has been in Pittsburgh the last 20 I think. I know I’ve been going there nearly 20yrs! A city which has changed immensely.

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      1. The only thing I associate with Pittsburgh is the Steelers! And the fact it has a lot of bridges. And that its sister city here is Sheffield whose ice-hockey team are also the Steelers. You see I am full of random facts 😀

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