Today is the last day of summer, meteorological speaking that is as Autumn equinox isn’t until the 22nd September, however at times this month summer has felt long gone and others as though we are right in the middle. A really variable month weather wise, perhaps that explains why I haven’t got out as much I had hoped with my camera. However I got out enough to snap these five for PJ’s August photo challenge; the theme is Black & White.

My first was taken at the beginning of this month in the town of Lymington. You may recall my birding post from our day in and around the yacht haven.

Beginning of the month
It was her name that caught my eye

The second was around the middle of the month on one of my regular Somerset trips. I cannot resist taking photographs of the cows at the top of my parent’s garden.

Middle of the month
Has she got a wonky eye?

My third and my fourth were taken within a few moments of each other in the third week of August. No3 caught my eye because of the name, it reminded me of one of my ancestors. My ancestor however was a Fishmonger in London! No4 nearly made it into last week’s Thursday Doors but didn’t quite work in colour. I did though mention it in this week’s Monday Walk if you are intrigued as to where they are.

Remembering William
Bert, a Somerset lad
Nearly made it into Thursday Doors
So much better in black and white

And my fifth and final photo was an experiment last week. The general advice these days for digital photographs is to take photographs in colour and then change them into black and white during processing. I thought though it would be fun as part of the challenge to use the monochrome setting on my camera. I learnt quite a lot from my many failures, but then I took this one in macro. May not be perfect but I like it.

A macro experiment in ISO Monochrome
My HD ISO Monochrome experiment

If you have not yet discovered the PJ monthly photo challenge then do pop across to here to find out more, and if you are a fellow A’lil Hoohaa challenger howdy! By the way do you think the border works for William Albert Wheeler’s memorial stone? It looked lost on the page with its white background so I added a border and then of course had to add a border to the rest! I do like the borders but still feel I could have done something better for William. The wall was white so couldn’t do much with shading, and I did not want to crop. I’d love to hear what you would have done.

18 thoughts

  1. Great set of pictures and they really suit the theme. I think the cow has got a wonky eye and my favourite is definitely the door – I have a really thing for doors and this one looks spectacular in black and white.

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  2. I like your take on the theme and the fact you used the monochrome setting on your camera. I love the photo of the cow in B&W and your last shot has interesting textures and shapes. Great set of photos.

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  3. Nice photos! I too usually take photos because of the names on them like you did with number 1 and 3. And most importantly learning from my failures using the camera has taught me so much.

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    1. Agree learn so much from the failures . . . . . .and given the number of failures I used to have with my bird photography my learning has been huge!
      Thank you for popping by 🙂


  4. Great photos. Black and white photography is harder than it looks, I found this a challenging challenge. 🙂 I love your photo of the door the best.

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  5. I think black and white photography is hard. There are so many colors out there that make a scenery “alive”. That being said, I really like your yacht picture, I just go ahead and imagine how very blue the sky is 😀
    Being Swiss of course I always enjoy the sight of a good ol’ cow! 🐄
    Isn’t it impressive how after a full live, people say about you that you basically devoted it to other people? Makes you think…

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    1. One of my fondest memories of a trip in the Swiss mountains is the cow bells! Loved it so much brought a bell back with me, which of course has sat on a shelf ever since!!

      it was very blue that day but didn’t last long being England! And yes it does make you think . . . . .I like to think he was remembered for being a great person as well as for his skills.


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