The problem with taking so many birding photographs is deciding what to choose! In the end I told myself to think colour, to think flight, to think laterally, to focus!

American Eagle
Beak amongst Feathers – a favourite of mine

As you will see I did get slightly carried away. I was hoping for a few more individual feather shots, but nevermind, I have had loads of fun looking through my archives and remembering some feathery tales. I even found a feather joke. Why did the doves miss the wedding? . . . . . . . . . . . . They were feeling under the feather!!

For more feathery fun pop along and say hi to the marvellous Cee.

Tiled feathers
Lisboa tile feathers

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    1. Hi Cee, thank you for your lovely comment. Never know how you find the time to visit us all. You really are amazing.

      By the way your comment ended up in my spam 😦 I’ve been chatting to the Happiness Engineers as about this as you are not the first of my regular commentators to end up in Spam recently and they have advised that you need to report it to Akismet as there seems to be a problem for some commentators. Nothing to do with the blogs apparently. Very odd. Anyhow glad I found your comment, and do report it. You can contact them via:


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