A year ago today a wise man called Hugh asked . . . .

‘Are you Letting your Blog Get Out of Control?’

I found the advice incredibly helpful then and still do now. In fact I have been spending the last few days going through my list of ‘followed sites’, and quite a few have been unfollowed. In fact I may have been a little bit too ruthless, but I have reminded myself it is easy to follow again. So why have I been unfollowing. Definitely not because they are not great, they are . . it is just I have noticed in the past few months I am missing posts by bloggers who feel like friends. The reason is I don’t have the time to check the reader everyday and my inbox doesn’t need any more mail than it already has!

So the plan going forward is receive email updates from my top 10 commenters – what Hugh would call the A group and probably B too as I don’t have as many followers as Hugh! Any remaining B and Cs I’ll do my best to visit you either when you comment or when I’m having a ‘reader’ day. Sorry no promises as I always try to visit what I call the glorious ‘P’ group – anyone who has recently participated in the same challenge as me. I will though always respond to comments as it is such fun to chat with you. And finally there will always be in my reader and inbox those who post irresistible challenges and/or I enjoy reading so much I don’t want to let them go. . .  . . perhaps ever!

13 thoughts on “A year ago today a wise man called Hugh asked . . . .

  1. Things can get a little out of hand, Becky, can’t they? I seem to be forever playing catch up at the moment, plus the fact I’m following a few new blogs squeezes my blogging time down considerably. Sometimes, I need to take a little break, and then resume afresh. I may miss several good posts doing this, but I’m not as overwhelmed by reading matter as I otherwise would have been!

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    • Breaks are definitely good!!

      By the way update on the Comment Spam situation . . I’ve been chatting to the Happiness Engineers again as had more problems today and they have advised that the person whose comment it is needs to report it to Akismet as there seems to be a problem for some commentators. Nothing to do with the blogs apparently. To report it as and when it occurs you can contact Akismet via: https://akismet.com/contact I’ll now be telling anyone I ‘unspam’ to do this.

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  2. I like your ideas, Becky. Maybe I’ll borrow them. Ha.
    I have cut down my blogging activities for a long while, but, still, I know I have spend more time than I would like to. Thanks for the post. It’s time for me to do some thinking too.
    Have a great day.

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  3. Thanks for the reminder that my post is one-year-old today, Becky. Whilst it is not the most viewed post on my blog, it’s certainly top when it comes to the most likes and comments left. It receives hits almost every day and I’m delighted that it has helped so many bloggers.

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