I know he knows my face, I know I am someone familiar to him even if I am unsure if he knows exactly who I am. However I was still very uncertain when I popped in to see dad in his respite care home this week. Would he recognise me away from the house? I walked in and he saw me first, despite being busy folding laundry. He gave me huge smile as he pointed at me, and chuckled. He certainly got a huge smile in return 😀

Happy Six Word Saturday

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  1. Beautiful. I am always very happy when my 96-year-old grandma still recognizes me when I go to Belgium and visit her multiple times at her nursing home. Precious, and the reason I try to fly there once a year. I try not to think about what can happen next time…

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    1. I know that’s what I kept telling myself when I popped in the other week, and also when he’s back at home with my mum I go at least twice a month. Occasionally though I’m very aware I am feeling really anxious about the visit . . .which is what happened next week. I need to get better at not thinking ahead, as whatever happens he’s still my dad and I’ll find a way to make him chuckle even if we can no longer have a conversation.

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